Help with a broken Lumia 920

Now, I'm sorry for this rather mundane post but I'm stuck in a dilemma. Recently shattered my Lumia 920 screen; been looking for a replacement kit on eBay and Amazon, the replacement OEM screen plus digitizer comes at around 100 bucks shipped here in Canada. I also recently installed Windows Phone 8.1(fantastic update btw), installed the OS before screen shattered and had a couple of days to play with it. Even though Lumia 920 runs fine on the new update, I do wish it had been a little snappier, still for a device 2 years old almost, pretty fast. Now my question is, is it worth to spend 100 bucks on a device 2 years old, or just upgrade to a new one; I don't even know if any new WP 8.1 device are coming to Canada anyways. I'm not eligible for an upgrade and will have to pay 250 for current device balance plus whatever the new phone costs. Given you had 300 bucks at hand, what would you do? Breathe s new life into your 920 or just wait for a new device to launch(hopefully) on Rogers and use a backup device for the time being