2 Years and Counting

It has been officially been 2 years since I first made an account for The Verge. I remember when they made their first app for android and iOS, and you could tell what device someone commented from, ahhh the good times, remeber when you could see someone comment "I owned this android device and I`m typing on it now" then at the bottom of their comment it says "sent from iOS", the hilarity that ensued when someone points this out was endless. But those days are over. But during those day do you remember the Lumia 900 review and then being addicted to The Verge afterwards? Questioning "what device would they review next and what score would it get? Hell, that`s the question that gets asked still now.

But despite changes in range of topics for The Verge I am even more surprised in the people that are "techies". Which includes everyone from every operating system and people from various tech websites. We changed. We demanded "MOAR CORES!" for Android, we demanded that Apple Change It Up, we demanded WP gains some functionality, and we even demanded that .BlackBerry dies, We demanded it. No one else did. Maybe we as techies have more say so in technology changes but the end user never sees it? Hell in 2 years time we moved from phones and tablets, and laptops to Chromebooks, Convertibles, Wearables, and Phablets being mainstream. Now we are on The Verge of a modular smartphone too, you think Joe and Sally who upgrades every two years on AT&T demanded it? Did we change for the better?Did those of us who frequented The Verge changed? I think we did. I think all of did, we just didn`t notice it.

Is this a rant or a critique of those on this site? A little bit of both I suppose. I miss the old Verge, and not the posts by the editors really, I miss The Verges commentators. Those who would engage in friendly discussion full of back and forth in a friendly environment. I miss being able to say thoughts and opinions without being moderated or warned, or being ganged up on because it`s an unpopular idea. At least the civility would be there for bad ideas, now it`s GTFO with these thoughts. It can`t be have an open mind any more. Not just here all the tech sites I visit. With that said, I might take a break from Tech forums and commentating for a while. I don`t think I can take another damn warning from someone about some shit either here on The Verge (I`m on my second strike on the Verge for some damn reason), or Mobile Nations where I have been visiting before I even frequented The Verge. This stuff is distracting, and I need to focus on my college work, so for this weekend I am open to comments, but after that I`m taking a couple weeks off of here.

No offense to anyone here I hope. I am just voicing whatever form of opinion left I have here.