Indie Games

I've been a gamer most of my life, grew up gaming and I loved it. For the past few years I just kind hated gaming, I got tired of CoD, and a market full of CoD clones. Games that took risks where far and few between and as a whole things where meh colour'd. Off course there where some gems, things like GTA V was a huge bag of fun, loved Last of Us, Bioshock was awesome, not played dark souls yet but that seems great. But as a whole my gaming went from a few hours a day to once a month for awhile.

Recently I have started to play a few indie games, due to a combination of Humble Bundles which I normally get to just help out charities while building a stock of games, and polygon which have some excellent recommendation. And OMG there just so much better then the AAA titles for the most part. There actual fun, have lovely art work and story lines, really dig the music and there is a real focus on game play and things actual being fun.

Just wanted to know if anyone else felt the same about the industry as a whole, everything too me just feels like a CoD clone, or a F2P money sucker that has little actual fun in it these days, there are off course exception but there just that exception to a market that was once great.