Surface Power Cover...UPDATE

Ok, so I have had the power cover for my surface pro 3 days now. Maybe I expected to much but here are some comments.

1. The power cover drains almost twice as fast as the Surface Pro does. I mean, I can have the SP in sleep mode and it will lose 15 to 20% in 30 min.

2. It takes long to charge. Overnight and in the morning its at 90% charged. I have gone over this with support and nothing except I can get another if I want.

3. The keys feel nice, just like the type cover. And backlighting is missed. lol I know I know I don't have to mention it.

4. Touch pad is bad. But again I knew that.

5. It folds backwards a lot better than the touch and type cover. This is for sure, and great because I do use the stylus a lot.

6. It is heavy. I personally don't care simply because I can use the extra battery life.

I guess I expected the extra battery life to be steady. But it just concerns me to fully charge it and in a few minutes be past the 85% mark. It still gets me through my day much better than relying on just the Surface Pro though.