For a change Samsung is Doing it right.



Samsung dragging Google into Smartphone patent war with Apple, should always have been the first logical thing, which should have been done by Samsung.

After all, it was Google which radically altered its Android Operating System to look similar to that of Apple's and then Handed it over to OEMs like Samsung, LG for FREE!!

I mean this is ridiculous. I really feel for Apple, and understand their heartburn that a competitor just copied their brainchild innovation, and then comes back and mocks the First's, with his, next Big thing Ads!

But Apple should have been more carefull and should have fielded mordern iPhones at multiple price points rather than following one premium iPhone per year strategy. I know older iPhones, reduces in prices over time and offer a better price point over a period of time, but people always want something new. Not an Yesteryears Legend! Whose fault was it? Apple's or Samsung's?