iPads, VSCO Cam and PlayMemories

I'm die hard Windows/Surface user so I don't now a lot about iOS - especially >7.0. I have had iPhone 3G for 4 years (I loved this phone) some time ago and iPad 3 for few months (I sold it). I need Windows and Windows devices for work, but iOS is great OS with best ecosystem of quality apps, so when my wife asked me about a tablet for her, iPad immediately came to my mind.

Why not Windows 8.1? She's heavy Instagram/VSCO Cam user (she's a foodblogger with popular Instagram account) and this apps are absent on W8.1.

So my question is about VSCO Cam for iOS tablets. Google search is showing hundreds of screenshots... from iPhone, but almost nothing for iPad. On AppStore app page I can find: "Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.". Is it possible to download it for iPad? How does it look like on this device?

My second question is about pairing iPad with Sony RX100 using PlayMemories app. My wife is using NFC and PlayMemories on her Android smartphone to transfer the pictures from the camera. Is it possilbe on iPad? How convenient is pairing these two devices without NFC?

Thanks for your help!