Surface 2 with NVidia DirectStylus - why not?

The technology is described here

NVIDIA is demonstrating a new technology for Tegra 4-based tablets that lets a fine-tip passive stylus be used to draw lines of different width simply by varying the pressure applied by the user.

The result is the first low-cost screen stylus that replicates the natural ease of writing – and erasing – directly on paper.

NVIDIA DirectStylus technology applies the image-processing power of Tegra 4’s GPU to analyze data from a standard touch sensor and recognize the difference between fine-tip stylus, finger, eraser and palm.

So... this technology enables: pressure sensitivity, palm blocking, eraser function and precision - with cheap passive stylus. S2 uses Tegra 4 and Microsoft has close relationship with Nvidia regarding Surface line.

Wouldn't it be great to have Surface 2 with precise stylus hidden inside the body of the device?