Android users, What PodCasts do you listen to?

So many us listen to many pod casts for our weekly dose of tech news. I have several I listen to throughout the week to give me a more objective view of different topics. However the past month or so has showed me tech related pod casts are in a sad state.

  • The VergeCasts was my go to podcast for my weekly tech news. Yes it has gone on hiatus, but the VergeCast's basically stopped talking about tech and got into weird culture/hipsteristic conversations I could care less about, so it was moving off of my list anyway.
  • The Verge Mobile show was great I think the mix of Dieter, Vlad, Dan, and Chris brought a diverse group to the mix, and it sucks that they are going on hiatus.
  • Then there is the Engadget PodCast, which really really does suck. With all the churn they are having with their editors, it really does show in the PodCasts. Either completely ignore major news stories and talk about gaming all day, or go into other weird tangents that also make completely no sense. In addition for a major Tech Blog, they tend to not to be informed.
  • I tried the Mobile Roar PodCast (iSource, Phandroid, Winsource), and that is simply amateur hour. They are really not informed
  • The TWIT Network does have some good shows. However, Tech News Today went downhill when they changed formats and moved to Mike Elgan. He is great as a guest on a show, but kind of boring and robotic as a host. In addition the new format of the show is just weak overall. All About Android is nice but it is all about Android and somethings you want the mix of tech news just not one perspective. This Week in Tech is also a decent PodCast and it gets good guest. Sometimes they go off topic, but it is what it is. The final show is This Week in Google, which for all intensive purposes should just be called This Week in Tech because sometimes they talk very little about Google. It is also one of the better ones I have listend to.
  • Finally there is the Android staples Android Police and Android Central. I feel out of all the PodCast these 2 are the most knowledgeable about tech in general. Yes even on the iOS side, as the folks at AndroidCentral sister site is iMOre so they tend to bounce back and fourth when speaking on cross platform things.
Anyway what PodCast are you listening to?