WP8.1 Features That Blogs are Glossing Over (UPDATE)

Here are some cool WP8.1 features that you may not have heard.

-Interactive Lock Screens , controlled by apps. (With Animations)

-Revamped Windows Phone Store centered on apps

-VOIP app integration in the "Answer Call" screen

-Revamped IE video playback

-Universal local search via cortana and search screen

You may be able to see that he typed "emails from joe" and cortana did a local device search for that query.

I think these are things that are at least worth mention. Did i miss anything?

Update: Heres more pics of bits of WP8.1 from the emulator.

Universal search is now on windows phone. Though it doesn't seem to work for documents, but everything else. This probably will change in the future.

Universal Search

This is the "Small Swipe" view of your Action Center.

Action Center

Video Playback for ALL videos can now be played in browser, not just html5 or youtube... well at least mp4 video ;-)

Video Playback