Windows Phone 8.1 - Are you happy?

The only thing I'm happy about is the action centre. It was a gaping hole that has been filled. Everything else? Kind of meh, nothing that blew me away. A lot of it was bringing it up to par with iOS/Android.

What I want to know is

  • Can Live Tiles update in real time?
  • Are push notifications improved?
  • Have Live Tiles changed at all?
  • Are 'resuming....' and 'loading...' gone?
  • Are apps more fluid; un-like the horrendous current Facebook app
  • Random battery drains fixed?
  • Phone heating up fixed?

Disappointed about:

  • UI is practically the same as what we saw in 2010
  • No ultra-large Live Tile size like Windows 8.1
  • No new app announcements

More to come....