It is with regret that I start to reminisce over the 12 years of greatness Microsoft have supported in the form of Windows XP.

Off the back of a mis-step ( Windows Millenium Edition), what was created was arguably one of the best operating systems of all time. A brand new design for a brand new era of personal and enterprise level computing, it was what was needed to take a stumble and push it into the big leagues. The bright green of the Start button against the cool blue of the Taskbar. The brilliantly contrasting orange of notifications and the notification tray were hints as to what was to come and would ultimately build a legacy around the world of the most popular Microsoft OS with a 46% Market Share as of 2013 (Source: Micro-Mart).

Bliss took the stage as both the default wallpaper and the smooth operation of the folders and files wiped away a clunky age of 2-D Operations. Endlessly updated, we found ourselves with an amazing workhorse of an OS. Rough and Ready, always ready to this day for teachers and students alike. Still used around the globe due to a reduced cost and system requirements. And now we are at the very end of it's supported life, there is no doubt in my mind that we will still be using it for years to come. Windows 7 has taken the torch of the workhorse operating system and so I must say: Goodbye XP Goodbye. You did well.