Why Office will never go away

I certainly could be called an Apple fanboy - I have a MacBook Air, iPad 3 and iPhone 5 and I love them all. But as a sophomore business student at the University of Iowa it is amazing how often I have to use MS Office. (The Tippie College of Business at Iowa first of all is a top 20 business school so if that helps give these examples credibility then so be it.) To be in the business school you have to take a full semester online class on how to use MS Office. Literally that is all you learn. Also every homework assignment, paper, and PowerPoint we turn in must be in office. Lastly our entire school email is over Exchange. So I just wanted to point out that we can all say Office is dying, but I attend a Big Ten University and I can say that Office is alive and well here. (Though I would never dream of using anything but a Mac to create these projects.)