MS Build - I'm impressed

I've not been a great fan of MS for several years (since I got my first Mac in 2005). I use Windows 7 on a shitty Dell thing at work, I have it Bootcamped on my iMac and MBA and I have XP and 8 through Parallels also on the iMac.

I bought a Nokia 620 last year as a backup phone mainly because it was cheap and I wanted to give WP8 a try.

I used Win 8 on laptops and desktops last year and hated the Metro interface. I tried a couple of Windows tablets including the original Surface RT and , more recently, a bunch of x*86 ones for work and they stuck me as pretty pointless - neither one thing nor the other

Looking through the articles about the things announced today, I am a lot more impressed.

I will be getting a Windows phone in my new job and I am looking forward to it. I might also replace the 620 with one of the newer low end devices just to have something I can mess with (the work one will be locked down)

I will upgrade the bootcamp partitions on my Macs to 8.1

I look forward to seeing some great real tablets with proper touch applications.

For me, I still prefer my Apple devices but I am a lot less concerned about MS losing the larger consumer and enterprise space to the parasites from Mountain View

Well done, Microsoft