The Big Gap in the Middle (No Lumia 7/830?)

Is it just me or is there a huge gap between the announced Lumia 63x and 930? I really want a something in the middle, whether it is a Lumia 730 or 830.

It would also be good if this middle ground addressed what I see as some of their predecessor's shortcomings. Those would include the lack of gorilla glass with the 820, the lack of OLED, low resolution and 512 ram of the 720, and the lack of QI and relatively small internal memory size of both. I don't really game on the phone so the high end specs of the 9xx range aren't necessary for me, but I want something just a bit more classy than the 6xx series.

I know that I am probably a non-typical use case, but there must be at least some demand for one of those two options (although likely not both).

Of course, the chances of either of these phones coming to Canada is basically zero anyway...