Is Google trying to pressure MS by it "Powered by Android" label?

It is a bit weird that just a few weeks after Nokia's announcement of their X line of phones, Google decided to make the "Powered by Android" claim mandatory. Not that I think that is wrong because after all, it is google who is investing money on Android, but, if that is the case, is Google feeling threatened by Nokia?

While the Nokia X may not appeal to the avg. US customer, its popularity is soaring on GSM arena where now a days is the numero uno, even above the GS5, This is a hugely popular site that mostly Europeans, Asians and Latin-Americans visit, I know this is unscientific but, if the daily interest represented there with more than 3.4 million hits already, is any indication of the hype been build around this device in these markets, then Nokia may have a hit on its hands.

The problem for Google is that these are phones that make use of Microsoft services mostly, If successful, they may just be the gateway to get people buying into Microsoft's mobile ecosystem and maybe getting people to transition to the real windows phone experience.