Advice starting a tech review podcast and YouTube channel?

Hey guys, I'm trying to start a new channel under my school's film/production club called TUTV, where I and others interested in tech will review products and discuss tech trends as opinion more than simply stating the facts. We have a great video production team already, so we're hoping the videos will be up to the gold standard set by people like The Verge and MKBHD.

The main problem we're running into is the cost of devices. We have a budget in our club that we can use to buy one device, but the question is whether or not we can make enough ad revenue from that one device to buy a second, which seems pretty much impossible since we won't have enough viewers/subscribers at the outset. The phones and gadgets we review will primarily be Android, based, but Windows Phone, iOS, Blackberry, etc. will also be reviewed.
I personally just bought a new(ish) phone, the Lumia 1020, but is that too old to review? Any help would be appreciated.

I wish reviewers could send me the devices they've already reviewed so we could review them and send them back! Also, if anyone has any requests of the types of videos they'd like to see, or if anyone knows of some good ways to differentiate our videos from all the other hundreds of people reviewing, other than the hopefully high quality writing and video work. Thank you guys!