Kin Studio For Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, Xbox One

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Disclaimer: I have not used a Windows Phone for personal use yet, and my opinions are based on my views of the Windows Phone Ecosystem through my own web research and from my own "outsider's perspective" [my windows phone doesn't come for another 2 days :( ]

Microsoft is doing a lot of things lately to be excited about. However, I feel like the Kin Studio dream that we were exposed to earlier, through the failed Kin, and Kin features that were expected to filter down into windows phone 7+ have been forgotten. But with Microsoft now making a bigger push to cloud services, I believe now is the best time to bring our studio experience shortcomings to the surface. The original Kin Studio App ran beautifully, and appeared to be powered by Silverlight and the cloud. I would like to see the FULL Kin Studio experience return to Windows Phone, for 8.1 and beyond. It can occur one of 3 ways:

  1. In the Windows Phone App for Desktop(both the desktop version and Windows 8 app version). Both of these apps already let you access music, video, and photos. They could both receive an update that restores the Kin "Timeline" as an optional view, and can allow the apps to access the messaging and contacts(contacts could be in a view similar to the people app in windows 8, allowing you to sync contacts and the like, or it can remain as it was in the Kin Studio(I've never seen what it looked like in the studio).
  2. In its own app that would be created and available on Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Xbox. It would provide all users on all devices an alternate way to view local content on each device, and allow you to sync and transfer local content between the 3 screens(the sync feature might be more complicated to make).
  3. As a website. If Microsoft is truly going for the cloud vision, then this method might be the easier way to implement the studio feature. It would have all the features of Kin Studio, and allow you to view content from the 3 screens again, maybe provide the option to view individual content or a view with content across all 3 devices(Timeline view of all media and activity from the 3 devices). It would also allow you to view messages and contacts from your phone. It could also be added as a new view (labeled studio) on and accessible across Microsoft's web services.

Whichever method is chosen, it would truly do the Kin team and consumers justice by providing that beautifully designed studio to view and manage all of your content in one cohesive place. A combination of #2 and #3 might prove the best, a studio website to view and manage all content across the 3 devices, and local apps for each device to view local content only in a Timeline view. For those concerned with privacy, the studio app/studio website would only be able to access content if you download the apps and/or give them permission to access content from your devices.

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Let me know if there are existing apps that already have some of these features that I've highlighted, and whether or not this is a good idea. I would love to see graphic designers or other creative people come up with their own Kin Studio Rebirth designs, refreshed for windows 8.1 or future versions of windows.

TLDR: Kin Studio was the bomb and should be in Microsoft stuff everywhere! Long Live the Kin!

For those looking for some Nostalgia, here's one from the Topolsky Archives!