Advice on a new laptop

Hey guys. I wanted to get a 2nd opinion and advice on what laptop I should get for the coming school year. I am going to be studying chemical engineering come fall time, and need a laptop that will primarily be for note taking. That being said, my options are limited to 2 in 1's due to the touch screen functionality. I have been looking at two in particular: the Sony Vaio Duo 13 and the Sony Flip 13 basically cause they both have digitizer pen support. I looked briefly at the yoga, but digitizer support is no where to be found. Ive seen the flip firsthand and liked it but havent been able to get my hands on a Duo due to best buy not carrying them in store by me. With all this said, I just want to know if any of you own either of these machines, what your experiences are like, and if there are any other options i should consider. Again, this will be primarily for note taking and doing science/math problems.