How do you back up your Mac?

With Google Drive's price drops and Dropbox's recent news, I've been thinking a lot about backup and sync and I'm curious what kind of set-up everyone else uses.

Right now, I use FolderWatch to live-mirror my Documents folder to Google Drive. It's not perfect - if my Macbook goes berserk and wipes my hard drive then my Drive folder will be wiped too - but Google's 30 day policy with deleted files might save my bacon. For my photos I'm considering paying for the 100GB Drive plan, I back up my iPhone photos to Google+ but I'd prefer a more focused app without the social bloat. If Google release a Photos app for iOS then I'm in. Dropbox/Carousel is too expensive and who knows if Picturelife will be around in a year.

What about you guys? Hard drives? NAS? Backblaze/Crashplan? Let's hear what your backup strategy is.