Surface 2 vs Surface Pro

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to get a tablet, but I'm in a kinda specific scenario: I have a Mac mini and a MacBook, but I'd really like a tablet. I'm not too heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, and I'd really like to try out Windows. I'm pretty set on getting a Surface, but I'm a bit undecided as to what exactly to get. The Surface Pro 2 is out, it's just too expensive. I'm looking to spend a max of ~$580. (At least initially)

I plan on using this tablet as a light Word processor, ereader, note taking device and general web browsing/gaming device.

On the Surface 2 side, it's $20 cheaper than an refurb Surface Pro on EBay. It comes with Office, is lighter, has better battery life and a nicer kickstand. (It's good to note I'm well aware of the app situation in Windows 8, and I have no problem with the availability of apps, everything I need is there)

The Surface Pro has a digitizer, legacy support and has a faster processor.

Which trade-off is worth it? Will the Surface 2 still be supported, even if ARM moves to 64 bit? How's note taking with the digitizer?