iPhone 6: size comparison with Android phones

As more and more information is surfacing about the iPhone 6, some people are creating impressive renderings based on leaked schematics, molds and front panels. These renderings are always shown in comparison next to iPhones, but I want to see what it could look like next to the competition: the Android phones.

If the rumors are true, at least one model of the iPhone 6 will contain a 16:9 4.7" screen. When you think about it realistically the iPhone 6 will have a home button with a finger print scanner the same size as the iPhone 5S. Also will the top and bottom bezels have the same height for symmetry. The side bezels will be smaller than the iPhone 5S, but they will not be non-existing.

Based on this I’ve created the following comparisons, starting with the iPhones 5S and 4S.


As you can see, the iPhone 6 will be significantly taller and wider even though I’ve reduced the side and bottom bezels. People were hoping for a larger screen in the same body as the 5S, but with a 4.7" screen this is impossible as the 5S is 59,2mm wide and a 16:9 4.7" screen is roughly 58,5mm wide.

Next up, two small 4.7" Android phones.


As both the Moto X and G2 Mini have on-screen buttons, they are able to reduce the bezel on the bottom. Both phones are also not symmetrical, so it’s a lot easier for them to be significantly smaller than the iPhone 6.

Now the two 4.7" flagship phones of yore.


I think it’s save to say that the iPhone 6 will roughly have the same height as the One (m7), which in my opinion is a phone that is too tall for its screen size. HTC has the "excuse" that they need the height for their boom speakers. I’m really curious what Apple’s explanation will be. At least it will be a lot less wide than the One or Galaxy S3.

Over to some bigger screened phones.


I remember when the Nexus 5 was presented, I was disappointed that it had almost the same internals as the G2, but with a smaller screen. Even still, both phone have larger screens (5" and 5.2") and still manage to be less tall than the iPhone 6.

And the final comparison, this year’s flagships.


As both the One (m8) and Galaxy S5 are larger in every way, they do have larger screens and either have speakers in the bezels or IP67 rating.

My personal conclusion is that if the iPhone 6 will have a 4.7" screen, a home button with finger print scanner and symmetrical top and bottom bezels, it will definitely not be impressive size wise (probably only in thinness). You might even call it disappointing, as there are 2013 and even 2012 Android phones with the same screen size in a smaller package.

Apple has certain design principles, but with the iPhone 6 it looks like it might stand in the way of creating an engineering marvel.