"DOTA: Nakakabaliw" is probably the worst movie of all time

I'm not sure where to post this on The Verge but since DOTA is a game, I decided to share it in this forum. First of all, I'm a Filipino and this film called "DOTA: Nakakabaliw" is one of the worst movies that you'll see in your life and probably the worst film based on a game. It'll not be shown worldwide but it was shown in some theatres in the Philippines. You know what, just check out the trailer below

Some people on this movie are known actors/actresses here in the Philippines and I'm really disappointed that they're part of this movie. Before I forgot here's the official poster of the movie


via i1.wp.com

I'm not sure why this movie was shown in some cinemas. I'm not sure where the Philippine cinema industry is going. My 10-year old cousin could do a better movie. Pinoy pride is poisoned on this one.

SOURCE: The Technoclast