Skype on WP 8/8.1 is frustrating!

I'm not sure if it is just a problem I'm having or some issue with Skype on windows phone, but it is mind blowing how unreliable it is. I have started working with somebody remotely and now heavily rely on Skype since there's a lack of google hangouts support on WP. I'm amazed at how inaccurate and hit or miss the WP version is compared to android or iOS. My messages don't sync in a consistent manner on my 1020, my phone will vibrate saying I have a new message, it shows up in the notification action center but when I go to the app and nothing is there. When I hit send after typing a message sometimes it sends other times it takes up to 15 minutes before the spinning circle stops. I'm encountering these problems on wifi and LTE so I don't think it is just a bad connection. Is anybody else having problems with Skype or does anybody have any advice?