Why are you all so obsessed with borderless phones?!

Why is it that people want borderless phones? Phones that have the top, bottom and side bezels reduced to barely anything? This kinda applies to Apple phones and Android phones as there are so many people wanting the iPhone to keep the bottom bezel but lose the top one to reduce height or move to software buttons and remove all bezels. Thus I've posted it in both forums.

Here is what I think.

1. Symmetry is beautiful in mobile phone designs. Asymmetry is not.

Take a look at the iPhone 5S. I think it's beautiful. The design feels consistent from top to bottom, front to back.


Also the Xperia Z2 (remove the logo though, PLS SONY)


2. Proximity, Ambient Light Sensor and Front facing camera.

When's the last time you looked good when you had a picture taken from below you? People look more flattering when photos are taken from a higher angle. Proximity sensor belongs at the top, because that's where the earpiece is and the part that touches your head first when you take a call. All in all, these 3 components at the bottom results in a lot of awkwardness.

3. Battery and Camera etc.

Where do you think they put the camera? The camera module isn't thin. If you haven't noticed, the Galaxy S5's camera module sticks out. Why? Because their phone is very thin and they place the camera module right behind the screen. If you removed the top bezel you'd get a noticeable, ugly camera bump that could have otherwise been flush against the body. Also, removing the bezels means a thicker phones. The top and bottom aren't filled with air, there are actual components in there. Removing top and bottom means sacrificing battery life most likely or features, or a much thicker phone.

4. Side Bezels

What's with the obsession with reducing the bezels on the side to nothing? I haven't used iOS in a while, but on Android 4.4.2 stock, I can tell you that palm/touch rejection is either terrible or non existent. It's already a pain reaching up the the top left area of my HTC One, I don't need this to become way worse when you remove the side bezels. Also people use cases and a lot of cases wrap around the front bezels to provide more protection to the phone. Not everyone can afford to replace a premium 700$ device when they drop it and the screen shatters.

5. Games, Landscape Mode

Playing games and using the phone in landscape mode would just be a pain... and no I don't want to compromise and hold the phone awkwardly to use it.

In conclusion, because of these 5 things, I don't think we should be reducing the bezels to a bare minimum anytime soon. Especially in the case of the iPhone since the iPhone still has the home button and TouchID which I think are the best features of the iPhone, and symmetry is beautiful. If you removed the top bezel of the iPhone it would look really ugly IMO.

PS. Something equally as bad is a phone with substantially sized top and bottom area AND it's asymmetrical. I don't get why everyone is praising the design of the M8. The build quality is nice, but the design isn't. Obviously HTC's engineering team wasn't competent enough to rework the components so that the screen could be centered. There also doesn't need to be an HTC logo at the front, there's already a huge metal one on the back. Factor in the software buttons and you've bot almost triple the size of the top bezel in unusable space.


Lemme know what you guys think in the comments below, what's your argument for having bezeless phones?!?!?!