Phones to big? Hold them different!

Lately phones have become big. Very big. Since 5" is the standard for flagships nowadays we need to rethink how can actually grab the whole screen in one hand.

More often then not apps don't have the user in mind when it comes to one-hand control. Also the complaints about the HTC One M8 power/sleep button placement are everywhere.

But somehow, I don't see the big issue. Maybe it's because I have fairly big hands, but maybe it's because I hold my phone different then most people.

Most people (as far as I know) hold the phone, the cling to it. Try to wrap it in their hands. I don't. I let the phone rest on my pinky so to speak. That way i can stretch my hand way further. I can reach about every corner, the top of the phone , easier to hold, keeps it from falling (mostly) and reach pretty much everything developers throw at me.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Here's a picture to explain better.


Or am I just crazy?