The Verge Daily Off-Topic: 'Innovation.' You keep using that word... (Mon April 21st)


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So yeah, let's just gloss over the fact that I was unable to do the Verge Daily yesterday, and let's bring it back full force today! Here's 90 Seconds on the Verge!



More egg hunts today (my eldest loves them). It’s raining so have set them up indoors! Good fun for a rainy day!

How’s everyone’s Easter Sunday going? I expect RVP is deep into being Director, Actor and Producer in what could be the most epic of christening’s! I expect the resulting video to be featured at some point this week ;)

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Well, the christening was pretty epic. ;) I completely forgot that it was a double christening, and now I have to make more DVDs of the video than I originally intended. But I am not editing it yet, I have a tee time today to go out and go golfing, so that should be really fun.