Windows Phone Custom Hubs idea

I posted this idea at WPCentral here and I'm floating it here as well. What do you guys think of custom hubs?

Custom hubs. What if Microsoft allows the user to create custom hubs and groups apps together. That way the apps can still be updated, we get a native hubs feature and everyone's happy

Yes but think about it this way. Imagine Microsoft provided a frame,work where you could go into settings and create a hub. For example, Music. It suggests apps which could go into that category on your phone and then creates the hub. You now get all updates in that hub in the traditional panorama form,with Spotify feeding band suggestions into the hub and Xbox Music notifying you of new album releases by bands you follow.
Or another example, I create a Media hub and link both Music and Video apps together.
The choice is in the hands,of the consumer.

Here's how I pitched it in Uservoice "Windows phone 8.1 provided is with many new features but took one much loved one away. The hubs. Now many people are complaining about the degraded Music+Videos and photos hub. The reasoning behind this was soundish, needing to update system apps from the store.However, the hubs design was a pretty good feature to show off to many people. Especially the photos hub.
Many people would love the hubs to return, perhaps they can in the form,of,custom hubs. Creating an option in settings (Hubs+Groups) or something. Apps in Windows Phone which perform a certain task,identify themselves as for example; photo editing apps, media apps or business apps. You could have this feature break down all the app categories on the phone and generate a panoramic hub for the user. Allowing them to choose the overall design and apps which can feed into or connect into that hub.
For example, I create a custom hub called Work. I add Adobe Reader, Pdf reader and pocket file manager. The hub surfaces app content and displays it in a section. The possibilities are endless.
As a bonus, the individual can create their own Media hubs and leave you guys to get on with your app development."

You can vote at the uservoice page here if you want