Stock Android- Is it really that great?

One of the things I always see when I visit Android forums is peoples love for all things stock Android. How they can't wait for a GPE of a flagship device to release, how they buy only Nexus devices, or how as soon as they get a new device, they root it and throw CM on it.

My question is why? What is it about stock Android that you love over devices with an OEM skin? Is it because you find the device faster without the skin? Do you just like the look of stock Android better? What is it specifically?

I use an S4, and I love the additions that TW brings to the device. I've rooted and installed a CM ROM and it just seemed really boring to me. I missed the different camera options, air view, multi window etc. Maybe its because I didn't feel like taking the time to search for all the equivalent mods, but I quickly switched back to a TW ROM. I used to flash Roms a lot, but I feel like most devs now look to create stock android ROMs, and don't create as many OEM skinned ROMs as they used to.

Anyway, I was looking at the review MKBHD did for the GPe HTC One(M8) and noticed that HTC is making an effort(thru the Play store) to make sure the user doesn't lose most of the functionality that Sense provides, while also providing a stock Android experience, and GPE fans seem to be rejoicing in that. But to me, that is defeating the whole purpose of a GPE phone. Why go stock Android, and then re install the "OEM bloat" after the fact when you can just get the OEM version of the phone to begin with?

Android users always talk about how much an Android phone can do "straight out of the box" but I feel like with stock Android you lose a lot of the out of the box functionality. You have to go do a bunch of mods to do things that OEM skins already do(tap to wake, gesture based functions, multi window etc)

To sum it all up, I feel like as Android has grown, the OEM skins have become less and less intrusive, and actually add a lot of functionality not found in stock Android. So I ask again, what is it about stock Android, that makes it better than Sense, TW etc to YOU?