Pixar should make the Jobs movie

Ok, Im just going to throw it out there, I want Pixar to make the Steve Jobs.

While the backroom deals are not going too well with Fincher probable departure at Sony's biopic, I've been starting to dream. Why not give the movie to some people who really knew Steve Jobs. Since Jobs death in 2011 I've read several articles, and the ones which have had the most lasting emotional value on me where those of the Pixar guys. John Lasseter’s and Ed Catmull's tributes are both emotional and deep.The guys on the top at Pixar knew him, and have him high up on the star-ladder. I guess the emotions would make them a trillion times more sceptic about making such a movie. But I also believe that if they did, all their talent and love would be in the movie, which would be great considering some of their last movies (thinking of Cars 1 & 2, Brave, and Monsters U).

While I know a biopic is far, far, from Pixar’s regular flick, I do believe they have enough talent in their studio (or could borrow some from Disney) to create a masterpiece. I also think the combo of Jobs and Pixar would quiet the regular "Like the world really needs another Steve Jobs movie...", which I've heard too often about the Fincher movie.

So what do you guys think. I know the legal stuff would be a nightmare, but whatever.

PS: This is my first time here. English is my third language. And I'm btw, not good at this... just want to share some thoughts