On Vox

With the intent to be concise I feel like Vox.com really isn't flexing the potential it has.
After reading articles I feel like they're a bit rushed and could have much more depth, although I find the writing quality to be superb.
I like the cards idea but I think the content in each should be slimmed down and have references to the parts of the article that go more in depth on the particular card subject. I would also move the cards to the top and lay out the card links horizontally opposed to vertically. It also seems that they have been publishing some news stories that aren't really news at all, which is disappointing and from my initial understanding from the launch video I was expecting a heavier hitting site that was really dedicated to keeping news focused on things people really should be fully aware of.
examples of 'Not News'

Blue states watch more porn than red states

Married parents are a minority in France & Sweden

11 questions you're too embarrassed to ask about magical realism

Ignore age—define generations by the tech they use

Vinyl's great, but it's not better than CDs

I hope this helps, This is just one persons opinion. I hope the lauch has gone well for Vox and I hope they open up their commenting are soon, I will be interested in seeing those.