The Obligatory...Google I/O Prediction Thread

I posted an earlier post when the announcement hit for a Google I/O Wishlist. Now that we are a bit closer I think it is perfect time to do an Google I/O Predictions thread

First Let me go through my Predictions last year just to see how well I did.

1. The obvious unveiling of Android 5.0 4.3 Key Lime Pie Kit Kat Bringing...

  • Unified Messaging - Almost
  • More Google Now Features with hopefully a 3rd Party API - More features No 3rd Party API
  • Complete removal of the Tron Theme - Almost
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Support with AVRCP - Success
  • Complete UI overhall of Google Apps (Maps, GMail, etc...) - Somewhat.we got maps
  • Full Screen broswing and major performance update for Chrome browser - Success

2. Hardware Updates

  • Gen 2 Nexus 7 with faster processor and a camera, and a LED notification light - Got it in July
  • White Nexus 4 (I predict this will be the giveaway) - Fail

3. Motorola X-Phone (The So Called Game Changer)

  • Running Android 5.0 KLM with a Google Chrome Skin - Almost
  • Ability to dock phone to run full Chrome OS - Fail
  • Aluminum/Metal Design - Fail

4. Google TV Updated

  • Updated Interface - Fail
  • Miracast Support - Fail
  • Streaming Netflix like TV/Movie service - Fail

5. Other Stuff

  • Major developer announcement for Chrome OS - Chromecast in July

So here are my predictions for this year:

  1. Android 4.5 Kit Kat Update with minor UI tweak
  2. Google Voice/Hangouts Integration
  3. Dialer and People App decoupled into the PlayStore
  4. Major Google Now Update
  5. LG G-Watch of course
  6. Android TV
  7. Home Automation

I kept them general this time just to make it easier.
So sound off on your predictions