2 years of Google Glass.....WTF happened?

Google Glass was announced 2 years ago and was on sale by invite only 1 year ago. The form factor hasn't changed at all and it has created a ton of media backlash. Just read Forbes, Wired, Business Insider, and even Mr. Scoble are calling it a flawed product. And it's not just bloggers, consumer interest has labeled people that wear them glassholes. This product has already been banned from some bars, guys getting mugged on the street, and Google itself can't even explain who's this product is for after 2 years of it being announced. It got plenty of hype in the beginning but all that has died down and Google Glass is getting the attention that google doesn't really want. When the iPhone and iPad was announced they showed us a solution to a problem and google just isn't doing that. What problem is google solving and why aren't they telling us? Is it because they don't know? Nobody gets google glass and neither does google apparently. There best bet is wearable watches because its elegant and gets out the way. What are y'all thought and do you own google glass.