Is anyone else getting fed up with the Xbox One?

I'm incredibly frustrated right now. I have 15 to 20 problems with this thing a week. Including:

  • Sometimes my tiles refuse to load
  • The Kinnect barely is able to recognize basic commands. Changing channels is a nightmare.
  • The Xbox has now started ignoring my voice commands altogether. "Xbox On" (The one thing that worked reliably) now requires 4 to 6 attempts. Right now I am screaming Xbox and it's sitting there indifferently
  • Madden crashes frequently, could be a Madden problem
  • General UI wonkiness and erratic behavior. For example, one time the audio from the TV stopped abruptly until I reset of the Xbox
This is all of course on top of the dozen or so things that are inferior to the Xbox 360 by design. Throw in the mediocre games (at this point, anyway) and I'm really really regretting this purchase.
Right now I wish I'd stayed on 360. I'm very disappointed in Microsoft.