Must Have Features For Next Version of Stock Android

Bloat Argument Update: This argument is unsubstantiated. We'd still be using Cupcake if every potential feature or refinement added to Android was considered bloat. The fact is Android is going to evolve. Google is going to add new features to it. As Android evolves what features do you want Google to add to it? What features do you think will improve Android's user experience, value and competitiveness?

Go crazy. List all the features you want to see in the next major version of stock Android. Listed features could be from competing platforms, or third party skins, or ROMs.

Here's my list.

  • Double tap to wake/sleep from LG/Samsung/HTC.
  • Always listening feature from the Moto X.
  • Active notifications from the Moto X.
  • Geo-location and context aware phone state management like Motorola Assist.
  • Deeper and more seamless integration of Google Now in the launcher and apps.
  • Make Google Now more natural and asynchronously conversational, *but not like* Siri or Cortana. More like the computer in the Star Trek Enterprise.
  • The equivalent of AirDrop for Android.
  • Unified Hangout on all platforms. It's coming, but it's not there yet.
  • Pie Control for navigation instead of the fugly navigation bar at the bottom.
  • Two finger gestures for navigation in addition to pie control.
  • Floating Media Windows ala YouTube in Android.
  • A camera with fast shutter speed, focus and response time.
  • A camera with burst mode that uses algorithms to select the best of 10 pictures.
  • Automatic Chromecast support for all media (images, audio, video) views.
  • Status and navigation bar that changes color to match apps' color scheme.
  • A UI with a physics engine like iOS.
  • Remove all the darkness out of holo. It's depressing. Favor light and airy themes instead.
  • Overhaul settings UI and make it searchable.
  • A simple toggle to (un)root the device from developer options.
  • Default universal remote control sensor and app.
  • More dedicated health and fitness sensors.
  • Floating notification ala Facebook Home.

What's yours?


  • Removed floating notifications. I agree with those who say it duplicates the already capable notification/status bar.
  • Removed health and fitness sensors. I agree with those who say they're better off in wearables.