"Upgraded" Dell Venue 8 Pro Stylus Automatically Sent

Hi friends,

I came home from work to a missed package delivery notice from UPS. I was not expecting any packages, and the tracking number didn't say who it was from. UPS said it was from Dell. I haven't ordered anything from Dell since I ordered my Venue 8 Pro in November.

Dell's chat people said that I was being sent a new stylus for my tablet. I was a little upset--I didn't order a new stylus, and there wasn't anything wrong with my old one. They told me this was an "upgraded" stylus, that the upgrade was free, and that I wasn't charged anything. They also said I don't have to send the old one back.

Has anyone else had this happen? What's the big deal with the new stylus? Not trying to be ungrateful--I just wish they had told me before shipping it to me.