Interesting tidbit about outgoing iOS VP Greg Christie

John Gruber had Mark Gurnam from on his latest podcast and one of the things they discussed was the circumstances around iOS VP Greg Christie's departure. Gurman was the one who broke the story about Christie leaving (it had been announced inside Apple weeks earlier). His story made news because it hinted at Christie leaving over design disagreements with Jony Ive. But according to Gruber's sources Christie actually got along better with Ive than he did with Scott Forstall. I thought that was interesting because the perception out there is the complete opposite. The other thing I found interesting is that Forstall was more interested in/focused on design than actual engineering whereas Craig Federighi is more the opposite.

Perhaps by giving Ive control over design and allowing Federighi to focus completely on engineering we'll see more improvements with iOS that we didn't get under Forstall. I'd love to see Siri opened up to third party developers and better inter-app communications. Oh and not being launched into the messages app every time I want to reply to a text would be really great too.