Why Apple is like a Movie Studio - Walt Mossberg

Why Apple is like a Movie Studio

I happen to like this article by Walt Mossberg. Whether or not you agree with the analogy, I do agree with the following two lines:

"But sequel time is almost up. It’s time for a new franchise. And it had better be desirable, logical and elegant. Apple executives have assured me that the second half of 2014 will have impressive new products. And Mr. Cook declared nearly a year ago during an onstage interview that "We have several more game-changers in us."

"Sometime in the next six to eight months, I expect we’ll see if Cook is the kind of producer who grinds out too many sequels, or the kind who brings forth an original "Godfather" or "Spider-Man."

I made a post in 2013 that "2014 needs to be a big year for Apple." They need a new big product...something that shows the public that Apple can still be a leader in innovation sans Jobs.

Walt Mossberg...one of the biggest Apple apologists basically validates my point.

Interesting article, for the most part I agree with it.