It happens every time I travel. I come back to my hotel room, flop into a freshly made bed, pick up the (probably sticky) black remote, and turn on the TV. I’m given the option to mortgage my home to watch a just-out-of-theaters movie, aimlessly surf through a bunch of local and basic cable channels, or take my chances with whatever’s on HBO. I flip through the 28 or so channels for about a half hour, and settle on some offshoot of Storage Wars before I go to sleep.

The Roku Streaming Stick is here to save me from this Hyatt-induced Pay-Per-View nightmare by bringing an incredible wealth of TV and movies with me anywhere I go. It’s a tiny, $49.99 stick that slots unnoticed into any HDMI port, and with only a Wi-Fi connection can immediately connect to Netflix, Amazon, and hundreds of other channels and content sources. It’s the ultimate portable set-top box.

It’s doing battle in an incredibly competitive market that’s in constant flux, with companies like Amazon and Google adding new features and content sources, trying to make it ever faster and easier to find things to watch. The Streaming Stick is mostly just like any other Roku, except cheaper and smaller.

From where I’m sitting, in room 202, choosing between the third hour of SportsCenter and an episode of Community I’ve seen 19 times, cheaper and smaller is a pretty good start.