Diverge - The Verge Universal App for iOS7


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As promised in my previous post (Verge for iOS7) the next time I post, it will be a link to the Appstore. And voila, just moments ago Apple decided to give the green light to the app, after 2 weeks of metadata rejection and reviewing, the app is finally here.

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for your support, lending your hand in beta testing and all. Also I would like to credit Michael Cambria for his wonderful concept work on the Verge iOS7 look and feel (Mockup Design), which is now brought into realization.

Please do not hesitate to give comments on how the app can be improved, I will try my best to work on the app on my free time. And if you felt that this app have helped you in any way, feel free to donate some to my paypal, it will provide some motivation for me to continue improving the app.

TLDR; Here is the iTunes Store Link : Diverge - for The Verge (Donation Link)

P.S : In some weird coincidence, the verge just broken the feed for forum comments today, which will cause the app to crash when loading thread comments, this also breaks their official app in the Appstore, weird. Hopefully the verge will revert the changes they have done to the API. If this continues for several days I will submit a fix for the app to conform to the new format their API is feeding.