Will Windows Phone become a Single OEM Ecosystem?


It's worth noting this doesn't even include all Nokia Windows Phones. via i.imgur.com

Serious question, will Windows Phone become Nokia only in the near future?

Other OEMs show either no comparable interest in the platform, or they don't have remotely the same marketing and engineering power to make a successful Windows Phone.

Of the new OEM partners announced at MWC, the only viable ones that have any chance of competing with flagship devices are LG and Lenovo, both of which have made no specific announcements for new devices. Samsung will yet again half-ass the Ativ just to have something on the market and there's been no word from HTC.

Nokia continues to secure more marketing, more celebrity endorsements, more exclusivity on new apps, and routinely better hardware and carrier availability.

I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. Nokia's hardware is great and they have a wider portfolio than Apple. Why not make it a 1 OEM ecosystem? It's so close already.