Problem with Stock Android devices : Hardware

GPE are sold only in US afaik.

Why can't some company or Google themselves release a nice premium vanilla phone with awesome hardware ?

Nexus 5 is good in terms of processor/RAM/GPU etc. but Battery,Camera aren't so nice.Sure , you can get great battery life with tweaks.Yes , its possible to get great pics with any camera but some cameras just need little effort to get a nice pic and Nexus 5 isn't one of them but iPhone 5s/Z2/S5 are.

Stock Android also lacks many features but I think many of them can be retained from Playstore in form of apps.

I hear great things about Stock Android but compromising choice is just not worth imo.

Things like Water resistance , IR blaster , AMOLED displays ,Great Design , Great camera , Battery etc. are missing imo.When it comes to Samsung , they mess up the design but camera,display,battery etc. all basics are done right.

HTC messes up camera,updates etc.

It would be nice if Google sells more GPEs in more countries or atleast offer two Nexus variants (premium/normal).

What I find missing is a balanced device with less flaws in basic things.