Will iOS ever get these basic features?

People always talk about sharing intents, default apps and swipe as the big missing features from iOS. So I am not going to talk about these features but features which are perhaps smaller but for me very very useful. I also have not heard a good argument as to why these features are missing in iOS.

1. T9 dialing for the phone app? No matter how you cut it there is nothing faster and convenient than T9 dialing. Spotlight has nothing on it I have been there done that so don't even bring it up. I also don't see any reasonable argument for its non existence other than Apple just being lazy?

2. Haptic feedback for the keyboard? I for one find this to be a deal breaker. I cannot type on plain glass without any feedback. Button press sounds don't cut it and neither do I like them. So what reason is there for the non existence of this one? I guess haptic feedback consumes significantly more battery? But really why not leave this to the consumer? They can keep it off by default but let me have it if I want to!! Btw from my personal experience it does NOT consume significantly more battery but I haven't done a scientific test on this so I am not 100% sure.

3. SMS delivery report? This one is a shocker and to me undermines the whole "all in one" purpose of iMessage. If I cant get confirmation that my msg has been delivered and have to blindly "wait" then I would rather not use that medium at all. I know some carriers don't support delivery reports either and its this inconsistent nature of delivery reports which makes SMS a very unreliable medium of communication for me. If someone isn't checking WhatsApp perhaps because they don't have data coverage then I'll just call them I don't want an SMS to be sent. I cant again think of any good reason for not supporting this feature.

4. To alphabetically arrange the home screen? Its just bind boggling how certain things are in iOS. I suppose the argument here is that newly installed apps will be hard to find if all icons are alphabetically arranged? This could easily be mitigated by having some way to access "recently" installed apps. The lack of this feature makes it a pita to arrange iOS home screens.