Have we reached a "Peak" in Android Smartphones?

I read the latest reviews for the Galaxy s5 and the Xperia Z2 and the overall mood is the same: super fast, efficient, great displays, but dull and boring, and nothing new.

Now all the flagship phones are pretty much alike, with kind of the same cpu, the same display, same memory, same OS with most differences in the OS, but mostly going with something similar to stock android, except things like Touch Wiz that is well, just terrible.

Anybody else feel like this? It's like the current smartphones are just kind of boring, with nothing really new. if somebody buys, for example, a moto x or a htc one or a xperia z1, you can't say "ooh no man that's a mistake". all flagships are basically just great, with better or worse cameras, but that's it. Maybe we're about to get some sort of pleateu in technologic advances and in 3/4 years we will still be using similar smartphones, just a bit faster and with better software?