Leica is best known for being a traditionalist camera company. It took years for it to release a digital version of its revered M rangefinder, and it's one of the few camera companies left that still produces film cameras, the designs of which have gone largely unchanged for 60 years. But today Leica is launching a new line of cameras that are exceptionally modern, from their design to their technology. The Leica T is the company’s first line of mirrorless, non-rangefinder cameras, with a completely new industrial design and an all-new lens mount.

Leica partnered with Audi’s design team to come up with the T’s stark, modern look. (This isn't the first time the German companies have joined forces: Audi was responsible for 2013’s Leica C point and shoot and the stunning, limited-edition titanium M9 from 2010.) It’s the first interchangeable lens camera to have a true unibody aluminum frame, which Leica machines out of a single block of metal. It’s not unlike Apple’s manufacturing process for the MacBook, though the Leica T is being manufactured in a brand-new factory in Wetzlar, Germany built specifically for it. (And in true, hand-built Leica fashion, each T chassis is subjected to 45 minutes of polishing by a skilled Leica employee before the electronics are added to it. By hand, of course.)