A beta version of Bing Health & Fitness is now available

If you have 8.1 Developer Preview installed, you can download Bing Health & Fitness for free from the Store. This is one of the richest apps for WP Microsoft has produced, other than Office. Truly impressive.

It has multiple sections, all of them useful and intuitive.

The GPS tracker is also great except that it quits working as soon as you turn the phone off, even if you allow the tracker to run in the background. The designers may have decided to save battery by disabling the sensor but this totally defeats the purpose of GPS tracking. This afternoon I ran for an hour, the timer faithfully indicated the time but the GPS tracking said zero miles and consequently zero calories burned.

Maybe there is a way to turn the GPS sensor on when the tracker runs in the background but I haven’t found it.

Other than this annoying bug, it’s a great app.