The Andy Warhol Museum has recovered a set of images, doodles, and photos created by the seminal pop artist on a Commodore Amiga home computer. The artworks, made by Warhol as part of a collaboration with Commodore Amiga, had been stranded on Amiga floppy disks for almost twenty years after the artist saved them in the mid-1980s. They were only discovered and rescued from their obsolete format thanks to the chance viewing of a YouTube clip.

The clip shows Warhol in 1985 at the Commodore Amiga's launch event. Warhol takes tentatively to the new hardware, perching a hand on the Amiga's mouse, before tweaking and manipulating an image of Blondie's Debbie Harry. That image is part of the collection housed at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, but no other records of the artist's Amiga experimentation were kept.