Nokia Lumia 1020 - yes or no ?

I posted a few weeks ago about whether getting a Lumia 920 as a replacement phone was worth it and the responses I got were really appreciated ! However, I decided to wait until the end of the month (when I get paid) so I could afford a more capable and new device. This is where the 1020 comes in.

Basically I need to know if it's going to fit my needs, so here they are:

  • Good battery life - I go to work at 7am and get home by around 5pm. My Galaxy S4 has lasted me that long in the day and keeps going until about 10pm with moderate use (a few phone calls, constant messaging on Facebook Messenger, checking Instagram and Facebook). Will the 1020's battery be enough for me ?
  • Camera - Now I know the 1020 has a best in class camera, that's a given, but is it any good in concert situations ? I'm going to be going to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2 weeks and taking my bridge camera in may not be a possibility. How does the 1020 measure up in that situation in terms of being able to zoom in a bit, lighting and sharpness ?
  • Gmail, Google Calendar and Contacts - As I've been using Android phones for pretty much the last year, I use Gmail for my personal email and Google Calendar and Contacts. After the whole mess with Microsoft, do these work acceptably on Windows Phone now ?
  • Stability - I haven't used a Windows Phone as a daily driver since WP7.5, but the one time I did get a WP8 device, a Lumia 920, it had screen flickering and over heating issues. How stable is the 1020 ?

Well, that's all. Again, all the feedback I get will be greatly appreciated !