What would you change about your device lineup?

I've recently found myself pondering on how I can improve my line of gadgets. It's something that's always persisted, but it has been escalating recently. For instance, I've had a 1520 for like a month and I'm still quite happy with it, but I'm super jealous of the 1020's camera. I've always kinda wanted an RX100 but didn't feel like spitting up $475 (though I saw a deal somewhere for $399 and almost bit). The 1520's camera is great in certain situations, though it struggles here and there. But I digress.

This is basically a "What's in your bag?" post, but also "What would you rather have in your bag?" post.


rMBP 13 (late 2012)

iPad 2 (never ever use, free from school)


No camera or desktop.


rMBP 13 (late 2012)

HP Omni 10

L1020 (with a tablet that I'd actually use, having a phablet wouldn't make sense IMO.)

W8.1 Desktop good enough for basic music mixing and skyrim

(1020 would be camera)

Bonus points for imaginary device lineup:

Surface Pro 3 (imaginary edition) that's just a Surface 2 shell with Pro 2 specs + a keyboard with a hinge available

or a 3lb rMBP

8" Surface Mini with Wacom Surface Pen AND Windows RT (full USB and HDMI out)

Lumia 920 (imaginary edition) in glossy red with better battery life, same exact body, as much better camera as possible while keeping the flush back, and a 1080p display (basically a 920 body with 930 guts)


Either a docking station for the SP3 or the same desktop in the "want" list.

So what about you guys?