Leica T. An uninspiring, anonymous design that is far from being stunning


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I'm sorry Dan, I love you man, you always do good job for all your reviews and I always enjoy the Verge Mobile Show. But how the hell is the Leica T "stunning"? Are you frakking kidding me?

Where do I start? Is it the uninspired, overly simplistic design? Or the intentional non-distinct look that is as anonymous as it gets? It’s as if the the people behind this camera are too afraid to design! What design!?

Using aluminium unibody is great, more devices should do it, but to not clad something over the grip? How slippery is that going to be? Its likely this will ensure you drop this (I’m sure to be expensive) camera repeatedly, unless you buy a leather grip, no doubt exorbitant too, on day one.

How about the buttons or the scroll wheels, they look so recess it just scream ergonomic nightmare. And the flash positioning looks like you might have issue using it together with the tilt-able view finder.

Come on people, don’t be blinded by the red dot, there is such a thing as making an effort, this one is seriously lacking in it.

I leave you with a clip from Louis CK who talk about over the top hyperbole to describe things nowadays. Nail on head.