The next step for Google+?

With Vic Gundotra leaving, the unbundling of Facebook into single-use apps and the mainstream disinterest in Google+, it seems inevitable that Google+ will take a new direction. My money's on a similar move to Facebook (which I think they should've done from the start), using G+ as an underlying platform for different apps rather than a behemoth of an app that does loads of different things. There are some interesting thoughts here:

Personally, I hope they put a lot of energy into G+ Photos; regular people are more clued up about backing up and want to see their pictures on all their devices. Carousel, Picturelife, Facebook, Everpix, Loom, Flickr, Photo Stream, the list goes on - photos will always be important to users and Google needs to make their mark in this arena but they won't do it without a standalone app on all platforms. Imagine a Google Photos app with Snapseed integration where the emphasis is on the experience, not sharing. I think Google also missed a huge opportunity a couple of years back when Read It Later apps became mainstream to buy an app like Pocket and rebrand Google Reader. Alas, we can continue bitterly mourning that loss...

Anyway, what do you think Google+ will become? What would you like to see more of? Hopefully we see some of this come to life at I/O in a few weeks.